Product Improvement Ingredients

Product improvement ingredients

Improve your products appearance, taste and production workflow with quality proven products.

Anti foam

  • Make production much easier without foam forming in your equipment

Masking Agent

  • Hide bitter taste on Beverages
  • Protein Shakes
  • Medicines

Cloud Emulsion

  • Best way to offer a stable and cloudy effect in your beverage
  • Used to give a better appearance to products with low juice content
  • Will mask sedimentation in products.

Taste and sugar modifiers

  • Enhance taste of natural products with Virginia Dare’s Modifier
  • Can reduce up to 30% sugar on your final product
  • Clean label, declares as Natural Flavor
  • FDA Approved

Stabilizer systems

  • Compound of gums and emulsifiers for beverage, pudding and dairies
  • Obtain target texture and stability for your product
  • Stabilizer systems are used in:
    • Yogurt
    • Soft serve ice cream
    • Ice Crema Pop (water based or cream based)
    • Cream Base
    • liqueur
    • Juice


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